Modern Myth

Varathane and colored tissue-paper constructs in the 1980's. Based on International Maritime Signal Flags.

Big paintings signified (before anything else), extensive resources to both create, house, exhibit, promote and maintain them.

These small works addressed and circumvented this dichotomy. (Their intimacy and scale remind me of an earlier series of dissolved ebony-pencil drawings on variously folded index cards, made in Toronto during the late 1970's.) I've digitally merged subsequent elements in the series of these constructs and stripped-in scans of the head-row paintings, made several years later (enamel and india-ink on tissue-paper). Perhaps they now double as stage-set designs.

I -N -T -E -R -N -A -T -I -O -N -A -L   
S -I -G -N -I -F -I -C -A -T -I -O -N


stub dance