Selected Systematic Similarities
as Stories with Single Subjects

Always look for the bigger lie. Money can`t buy class; a common phrase today... Disparity is first created by staticism, (policies of a totally managed society.) Gender, economic-status, race, institutionalized-education-status (certificates of privilege), nationality, geographic-location, whatever, ... are assessed as relatively superficial factors frequently used to politicize stagnant institutions. (Yes, even art-colleges: those sallow humanist reparation efforts.) Unfortunately, the truly repressed that are especially granted these opportunities, only serve as fashionably symbolic justification for a pre-existing order. This cosmetic policy applies only to new applicants... which of course, further exacerbates the misplaced tension between those outside. Sadly, and for equivalent reasons, you won`t see the great artists exhibiting or teaching very often in traditional settings; the smugly mediocre get the money today.

These pictures that I meant to talk about... were first made in the `80s and have to be the most unpopular work I`ve ever done. They were briefly included in some of my interdependent installations. I suspect that they were glibly assumed to be but spin-offs from the then critically correct and widely-published notions of fragmentation. These ideas did not persist in our monolithic artworld; unless you`re especially tractable, you can usually only watch and not participate in official culture anyway. These pictures still make perfect sense to me, even now.Small pictorial spectres... little fragments borrowed from the truth... building around first impressions... They were made from alkyd/enamel painted and cut magazine pages. I was never quite sure how to present them; during the installations, I tried using clear-plastic lamination on clear plexiglass panels. Other presentations included room-sized picture-columns. The pictures you see here were made by arranging these shapes on a flat-bed scanner with a little digital retouching of the foreground. I like the fragility of the reduced, jagged, 4-bit, cut-paper-edges against the pixel-texture backgrounds. There are over one-hundred images involved.To isolate and excessively schematize the moment of intellectual abstraction... Clicking on the s-s-s and subsequent icons generate intra-random-selections. Good Luck! Should the script not function, you can access the imagery from the links below: