ETHER || EUCHARIST: 20 extensive volumes of digital composites/pictures $20000USD (crypto-currencies ok): over 10,000 PDF pages in total (7.25 GB): delivered on DVD or Cloud. Buy directly from the artist. Trade ok.

ETHER||EUCHARIST twenty volumes
available for $20000US delivered on DVDs or dropbox/cloud...

The lexical disambiguation relies on looking askance to identify possible transubstantiation. Massive designed output sidesteps tens of thousands of automated negative-selection scripted outlines as closer-looks at miniature petroleum placeholders across ruptured daily Fashion Diorama. Displaced Sense of Self. Future Deformation. Becoming what you Desired. Digital Distortion Deferred. Plenty of Inspirational Deniability. Bifurcated Terminus. Deep Vein Thrombosis. Shi-shashin. A false dilemma can arise intentionally, when a fallacy is used in an attempt to force a choice or outcome. The opposite of fallacy is Congealed Corruption.
vol--pages 11--408 10--387 12--369 9--396 13--336 8--393 14--260 7--399 15--230 6--402 17--93 4--406 16--195 5--404 18--53 3--457 19--30 2--457 20--23 1--405

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