announcing Civilian catalog of minute denim miniskirts with custom apparel tag art:

performance: "Any address you had has expired."

U$500 each hidden limited edition apparel woven tag art inside minute micro mini frayed distressed denim pencil booty skirts recent generation scent extra future fortunes foretold freely easily alter after for an even tighter fit so so short grabs your as things spill out quivering limited edition by familiarly worn insistence hot edgy backslide wear or frame high-end redesign display pins and bing included you may need very nice tight round smooth strong shapely for display or keep it pinned to the wall just looking instant conversation endless inclusion hidden enthusiasms wicked revenge relief return repeat barely anything left just clinging what was when encircles the fickle future flicked finally finished find it buried very deep indeed hem line ruffled routinely religiously righteously redemptive repatriation your nail-art on luscious curved is this tmv up your exhaled creamy white thighs meticulously trimmed and artistically sculpted frayed financial hemlines wash sale rule replicate rebellion reduction reformated rehearsed recital whiskered denim delights cozy cheeks never worn smooth stroked skin silk screen ghost placenta with instructions for castration fillery fantasy partial coverage limited edition custom woven tag TMV2 logo applied inside each minute mini skirt women's junior size 11 large or 33-34" waist stretch denim; but 6" long in length bi-sexual self-pleasure added jewelry bling cut scissored sodomized celtic knot endless ageless entwined eternal effervescence born out of necessity accidental aesthetics dog whistle divisive determination dissolved destination deprived duplicity drips down lucky break zip fly with tight bottom closure conquered cloister foister limestone ball court delineation dissolved open sesame selling session sears blended tribes worn edge plied trade penetration testing vortex opening exhibition taboo tattoo endless promises never fulfilled unsignifying entry distance yourself wet mounting name brand selective self read falanga the photo precludes repressed desires anywhere but here molestation token attached one million dollar ride strutting squirming sexless abandon screams of protest whipped eyelash lace and cream class justice prenatural placenta holy host minute subscription occasionally augmented with new interior woven garment label-imagery el buen fin citizens patrol safest cities sharp cut pleats infinite variety endless jest fringe detailed sold short true prophet lost hostage withdrawn no options double parked never wash clinging phonemes rusty studs enamored nipples reinstated with the remains entirety collection briefly available for exhibition nowhere near non-profit paradoxical posterity

a certain notion of grated vision/future: detritus tattered fabric wears thinner 49 alternate pairs U$15K

Civilian catalog alone: $55 108pp 430mb


oversized e-publication and limited edition distressed miniskirt
available for $500US delivered by USPS...

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