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 This series of self-published ISBN Bookworks is a
gradual and extensive accumulation and sequencing of homogeneous
photographic imagery. The latest three titles in a continuing
interdependent series are available at cost. These books consist entirely
of halftone photographs (no text), printed full-page-bleed on newsprint;
web-offset and perfect-bound. Landscape-format 9"x12" and 128--1024 pages.
Each book is entitled only with its ISBN (International Standard Book
Number) number on colored cover stock. (Beautiful hyperbolic ornaments!!)
These books are distributed and exhibited world-wide.

>>> Three Titles for us$450 includes postage anywhere.

	ISBN 0-9690745-0-6
	ISBN 0-9690745-1-4
	ISBN 0-9690745-2-2

	or, One Title for us$200 including postage.

 **You may request to receive the subsequent titles for examination 
with the purchase of these three titles.

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>> Poetic Descriptions of the ISBN BOOKS:

  > from the Art Metropole Catalogue:

			*ISBN 0-9690745-0-6*

Synopsis: The lights of the cruise ship dance their reflections across 
the water. The accompanying book whose title is its ISBN (International 
Standard Book Number) is the fifth of a number of titles looming on the 
horizon. It took form sporadically over the past year; the various stages 
in its production occurring across a wide geographical area in central 
N.S. There are several anchoring positions for ships in the middle of 
Halifax Harbour. The shavings are residue from whittling activity. The 
anchoring-positions are not visible until they are occupied, usually for 
no more than a few days. It is the suddenness of another new vessel in 
the harbour which disperses its otherwise substantive quality. All seems 

			**ISBN 0-9690745-1-4**

Epigraph: Eyes half-closed. Nothing as strong as solace. Do the themes 
still connect? A Venus day is longer than a Venus year, the National 
Geographic Society says. A selection was assembled from more than 2000 
photographs taken over an eight month period the year before last. Erect 
walking became necessary when female pre-hominids lost their estrus 
cycle. The street runs below the window which is above the cinema. 
Everything in place. Nothing is ever forgotten, only displaced. The 
planet spins on its axis once every 243 Earth days and orbits the Sun 
every 224.7 Earth days. Pyramids have always been. What you once thought 
still holds. The man who invented the first lighthouse perished in his 
own primitive model. "It was a totally whimsical point. It's inarguable 
of course. The evidence is all around. The facts are there."

                      **ISBN 0-9690745-2-2**

Addenda: Just between you and me. There was no other. Who does our past 
belong to tonight? We understand at last. And while we slept, we 
vanished. The walls of the world fell in on us. We claimed always to 
abide by terms. Shattered mirrors and sliding panels. Always. Except when 
we choose not to. One must keep alert to all possibilities. The old 
Indian pearl diver clambered onto the dock, grinning and shaking the 
water from our body. At night we could hear our mind ticking like some 
cheap alarm clock. Radio broadcasts played on tribal feelings. Our voice 
trailed off. Truth was delay. A heavy splash followed many ripples. Food, 
batteries and water-purifying chemicals arrived over the week-end.

This sequence of printed books began in the early eighties amidst an 
egalitarian spirit of numerous self-published artists/authors who 
understood this activity to be a preferred alternative to the sordid 
shenanigans of the Art World. Today, many of the distribution centers for 
artists` multiples no longer exist but a similar driving spirit can be 
found online. My series of ISBN Books continues via the Net as The 
12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project.