I'm proposing the creation of an Alternate Atlas consisting of links to images and lists of local-names of various towns and cities. This may begin to describe the map of the future. For example, I've included my favorite alternative-name for Portland, Oregon, USA. Please contribute any others that you may know.

PuddleTown, The Smoke, BridgeTown, FishTown, Rainy City, Emerald City, Naked Pueblo, Crooklyn, Shyland, Bogey Down, Strong Island, CowTown, The Hub / BeanTown, Big Easy, Lost Wages, Hooterville, Happy Rock, Hashgrove, Slummerville, The Mini-Apple, Zenith City, Lost Angles, Crusty Butt, Rassle Cock, NoHo, Happy Valley, Ta-town, Pigtown, WeHo, Diversity / Ribs, Kruikenstad, Monty / MonkeeTown, Rotjekmor / Reo / Man at Work / Get Lost at Last, Treetown, The City Different, Brum / Brummijam, Brizzy / The Deep North / Yobboville, City of Sin / City of Angels / Cemented Floor and Ceiling, Arro, Gene Pool / EweTown / Me-Tarzan, Cascadia

It's so pretty here -- I haven't had time to write...


How are you? I am

I'm currently living in (what city)?

But locally, this city is called:

Another 'slang-name' for this city is:

Another 'alternate name' for this city is:

Here I enjoy

People here are

I spend evenings

This place is

I need

Leaving with my


P.S. Link to this image of 'the city:'

Or, e-mail any additions to the list.